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An open canvas is scary

I used to have a notebook for journaling that I would use once every 2 weeks, perhaps even less. It was a blank canvas notebook with no lines and no structure. I thought this would inspire my creativity, free my mind. I was so wrong


Now I use journal templates that make it so much easier to be consistent. And yes, they are supported in LifeHQ.

I have talked about using journals for chunking my goals into smaller bite-sized pieces. However on a day to day basis I keep track of different things.

In my daily journal I keep track of a few not-so-obvious things that support the mindset of productivity.

Here is a quick summary of this post

What would make today a super success
Procrastination log
Unexpected events
Three things I’m grateful for
One thing to look forward to today
One scary or uncomfortable thing doing today

1. What would make today a success

A million things could get onto my daily todo list. That’s why here I identify the few most important things that if done, will make today a successful day.

Then I go one step further and ask myself:

What would make today a super success?

2. Procrastination log

koala - the master procrastinator
Koala – The master procrastinator

At the end of the day I record all time wasting activities I would rather not do in the future. This makes me conscious of these unproductive habits as they are happening and I am much more likely to stop myself from doing them in the future.

It is also a fun challenge to make the log shorter and shorter every day.

3. Unexpected events and how to handle them in future

I record all unexpected things that had thrown me of guard and how to prepare for them in the future.

Example: The internet connection goes down -> Create mobile hotspot from my phone

4. Three things I’m grateful for

This sounded woo-woo to me for a long time. I have only started doing this few days ago. But it works, so I’m sharing it. What I’ve found is that the feeling of gratitude helps to keep the fear at bay.

Pro tip: As I’m starting my first venture there are lots of things I feel uncomfortable doing. So every time I need to do something uncomfortable, I write that I am grateful to have the opportunity to even attempt doing this. It has worked wonders for me.

5. One thing to look forward to today

looking forward
Looking forward

I usually schedule one activity to look forwards to at the end of the day. This way I can force myself to work harder throughout the day to earn the fun in the evening.

6. One scary or uncomfortable thing today

By definition you have to do things you haven’t done before to achieve the things you haven’t achieved before. Normally these things will be uncomfortable and there is no way around it. The fear and discomfort are the best signs that you are evolving.

PS: Thanks for reading til the end. You are awesome.

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